Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 Dynasty League Baseball Draft Results

by Khang Do
Dynasty League Baseball - Home Keeper League of 20 years 
12 team 5x5 standard roto format, must keep 8-14 players (using
x = 3 years left on contract 
y = 2years left on contract
z = Last year of contract
a= 1st year player, becomes a "b" in 2nd season
b= must be signed to contract or be lost at end of season
3 year contracts add $15, 2 year contracts add $10, and 1 year contract add $5 to their "b" salary
Keepers: (3/11/2012)
Hernandez, Felix 29z Not a great value at $29 but I still  see upside to regain top spot
Kinsler, Ian 28b Wanted to be sure to have a stud MI with 30/30 ability
Santana, Carlos 10z If Santana can hit above .270, he will be fantasy gold
Trout, Mike 10b price a bit steep for a contract year, but I see it paying off in 2013
Torrealba, Yorvit 1b Had to keep 8 players, so I bit the bullet on this one
Walden, Jordan 1b He's the John Axford of 2011 
Zimmermann, Jordan 1b Love Zimmerman at $1, this will allow me to keep my pitching staff around $60
Upton, Justin 16a Getting Upton as this value will allow me to overpay for guys I want
Budget: $164 for 15 players  
After calculating the remaining talent pool at market value, I came to the conclusion that an excess of $300 would be available in spending due to low $ keepers.
Taking that into consideration, My plan was to get the top 2 players (I'd pay up to $60 taking inflation into consideration). 
Then sit back and let the others scramble and overpay for the other upper mid-tier guys.  
In a 12 team league, I think it is very easy to get cheap hitters and pitchers late.  
Auction: (3/18/2012)
Pujols, Albert 56a I was more then happy to get the best player at under $60.
Kemp, Matt 54a I was happy to get the other best payer at under $60 as well.
Belt, Brandon 9a May have overpaid for a guy who might start at AAA, but I see star potential.
Prado, Martin 8a Nothing flashy but should help a little in every category.
Holland, Derek 7a solid for the middle of my rotation
Morales, Kendrys 5a High upside at a good price.
Profar, Jurickson 5a $5 min. bid for those not in 40man roster.  He makes for good trade bait for owners who fall out of contention.
Scherzer, Max 5a last years goat can becomes this years hero
Rios, Alex 3a see above
Alvarez, Henderson 3a like his control at such a young age, but I still overpaid for a flier that could stink it up
Ramirez, Alexei 2a Owners treated him like the plague, great value here.
Soriano, Alfonso 2a I seem to be getting a lot of 2011 rejects.
Pomeranz, Drew 2a Love his upside.
Bailey, Homer 1a giving him one last chance to put it all together.
Hughes, Phil 1a not so thrilled about the Petitte signing.
Overall I was happy with my 23 man auction ($1 under budget), 
but I miscalculated on how many pitchers I had drafted and locked myself from adding my second closer.
In the 7 Round snake draft my plan was to get some closers in waiting. 
Pestano, Vinnie RESERVES-10a
Brothers, Rex RESERVES-10a
Reimold, Nolan RESERVES-10a
Rodriguez, Sean RESERVES-10a
Brown, Domonic RESERVES-10a
Huff, Aubrey RESERVES-10a
Ibanez, Raul RESERVES-10a
Hicks, Aaron Minors pick'10 I'm losing faith on his 5 tool ability
Singleton, Jonathan Minors pick'11 Hoping he'd be heir apparent to Howard in Philly, but at least his path to the Bigs is much easier.
My 2009 pick was Jason Heyward whom I traded in 2010 for King Felix and Arod
Opening Day Lineup
C Santana, Carlos
C Torrealba, Yorvit
1B Pujols, Albert
2B Kinsler, Ian
3B Prado, Martin
SS Ramirez, Alexei
MI Rodriguez, Sean
CI Morales, Kendrys
OF Kemp, Matt
OF Upton, Justin
OF Belt, Brandon
OF Rios, Alex
DH Reimold, Nolan
DH Soriano, Alfonso
P Hernandez, Felix
P Scherzer, Max
P Zimmermann, Jordan
P Holland, Derek
P Alvarez, Henderson
P Pomeranz, Drew
P Bailey, Homer
P Walden, Jordan
P Pestano, Vinnie
R-P Brothers, Rex
R-P Hughes, Phil
R-1B Huff, Aubrey
R-SS Profar, Jurickson
R-OF Brown, Domonic
R-OF Trout, Mike
R-OF Ibanez, Raul
M Singleton, Jonathan
M Hicks, Aaron
What's your take on my team? I think I could use a little more speed and one more legit closer.
I may eventually need to trade for an ace pitcher if my mid level pitchers don't pan out.